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About FKC

My family originated from southern Italy. My dad was a stone mason and was a master builder. My mom was a contractor and together, they built and remodeled houses and commercial property.

Growing up, I was always watching my dad demo, construct, create and finish. And if he wasn’t doing that to a building of some kind, he was doing it to food! Especially pasta dishes and gravy!

It was never boring around our home between the food, the loud Sunday family meals and some new project of my pop’s.

I learned early on that I wanted an active life and career which led me to being constructive and creative, like my dad with both food, particularly baking and in the world of construction.

Eventually I interchanged construction and obtained my license to buy and sell property.

Though my dad has since passed, the excellent work that he demonstrated along with a strong cultural influence inspired me to emulate the integrity of which he did all things. And just maybe, if you give me a chance to work for you, there may be some amazing bread that comes with the deal!

FKC, the real property finder!

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