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How many tenants really like their landlords?

There are approximately 23,320, 328 landlords and 113,556,287 renters in the U.S.1

Owning properties is a benefit to both the owner and the renters but only if the relationship is mutually respected.

If the landlord refuses to maintain the property and keep a close eye on his or her property manager ensuring the tenants that any and all problems will be handled expediently and with quality, then the landlord risks getting a bad reputation. And today, with social media, we all are aware that it is not easy to hide your flaws! In fact, there is a website that offers a forum for renters to review and rate their landlords.

Now on the flip side, there are risks in being a landlord.

A landlord has to contend with tenants who may or may not pay their rent for one reason or another. A disgruntled tenant who trashes the rental property for one reason or another, turnover costs that can run in the thousands and not estimating the cash flow correctly which can create a stagnation in rental income.

Those facts are not to scare investors off but rather to contemplate whether you have what it takes to be a great landlord who establishes a great reputation that assures renters they are renting from the best!


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